The Lions are currently running a project to provide disadvantaged children with refurbished IT equipment to enable them to continue with their ‘home learning’ education during the Covid19 school closure and beyond.

With the closure of schools home learning has become essential therefore and, working with the school-teachers, needy recipients for computers and equipment are identified.

We are now appealing, to the general public, for donations of computers and equipment and following the current strict health guidelines we collect from donors. The equipment is tested, all data is removed, using professional software, and reloaded with Windows 10 operating system by qualified Lions (we can provide a formal certificate, if required, verifying all data has been removed).

A complete suite of programmes, suitable for home learning, is then downloaded. The computers are then distributed to the identified recipients.

To date we have distributed over 200 computers…….but we need more kit. Demand for computers from schools is outstripping supply. For a more information please see  

If you have any questions or have kit that we can collect please email Mark Hazell on

Mark Hazell – Hook & Odiham Lions

Or call on the LIONS phone   07817 886 002