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Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th 

September 2021 

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Terms and Conditions

1.Who can take part?

1.1 This is a family event, but participants under the age of 16 can only take part provided they are accompanied by a person who is 16 years of age or over for the whole of their chosen route.

1.2 You will need to register, either as a family or an individual or as a group of friends with a leader aged 16 or above by completing the form on the registration page on the Lions website. 

There will also be limited application forms and maps in the three Lions/Rotary Gazebos situated in Odiham, Hook and Hartley Wintney.

1.3 You must show that you have a fully charged mobile phone in your group or as an individual.

2. How to sign in and take part?

2.1 Sign in and register on the Lions website at and click on VILLAGE CONNECT TRAIL at the top of the page.  

2.2 You will be required to give the following information;

 2.2.1 Your full name.

 2.2.2 Your mobile phone number.

 2.2.3 The number of people traveling in your group.

2.3 The leader of each group must sign to say they have read the Safety Instructions and these Terms and Conditions and they are responsible for ALL the members of the group that they will lead. A maximum group size is 10 persons inclusive of the leader. If more than 10 persons travel together then a leader for each 10 is required to register.

3. What must each person or group take with them?

3.1 At least one fully charged mobile phone, preferably with the WHAT3WORDS app installed. 

3.2 The phone number of the Lions Gazebo (Lions Gazebo Phone No. 07817 886 002) to call if you face any difficulties.

3.3 The map and details of the route which you should download from the Lions website including a paper copy for use at stamping stations.

3.4 Suitable footwear and clothing appropriate for the weather and the route you intend to walk. 

3.5 Drink and nourishment suitable for the journey time you intend to walk or show you intend to purchase during the walk.

3.6 A good knowledge of the route you intend to take and a full understanding of the capabilities of the youngest person or least able in your group.

Health & Safety Risk Assessment & Guidelines 

Before starting

Inform somebody close to you where you intend to start, the time you intend to start, your expected estimated finishing time (allow between 20 and 30 minutes per mile) and then inform them once you are home again.

Find a colleague, friend or family member to accompany you. Two is better than one and three is better still.

Check the Countryside code for excellent advice:

Register your walk

Go to on the Lions website at and click on VILLAGE CONNECT TRAIL at the top to register and download the detailed map.  

Medical and other assistance

Medical assistance will be available at each of the three Lions Gazebos to assist. Call the Lions information phone number (Lions Gazebo Phone No. 07817 886 002) if you need help for anything. (Lost, Route directions or medical assistance). For more serious medical assistance call 111.

Equipment you will need

1. Good walking shoes or boots,

2. Dress for the weather which could change during the journey; waterproofs, hat, sunscreen etc,

3. Sufficient water and nourishment,

4. Ointment for stings and bites,

5. Map, route instructions and stamping station locations,

6. Mobile telephone with WHAT3WORDS app downloaded and installed. Learn to use it and your position can be found within a 3M x 3M square for your own benefit or to inform Lions if you are in difficulties or for medical assistance.

Risks, Precautions & Guidelines

1. Twisted Ankles, Wear good walking shoes or boots. Flip-flops and thin trainers can soon make walking difficult on uneven ground and can at best reduce your opportunity of success and at worse cause twisted ankles or trips. Make sure you are aware of the surrounding ground area and footpath.

2. Caught in cold weather, rain or high UV sunshine. Take waterproofs, extra tee shirt, hat, sunscreen etc, and check the weather forecast.

3. Thirsty and hungry. Take sufficient water and nourishment for your journey.

4. Stings and bites. Be aware of any allergies you might have, know where the first aid medics are or call for medical advice if considered serious. Carry suitable medication.

5. Lose your way or get lost. Make sure you can call the Lions on 07817 886 002 if necessary and that you have your detailed map with you. Ensure somebody at home knows where you are starting from, which direction you will travel and where you intend to finish. Contact them if you change your route and again when you finish. 

6. Check your phone regularly to note if you move out of signal range to make phone calls. Ensure your phone is fully charged before leaving home. Before setting out, and after registration, make sure you know exactly what route you will be taking. Remember the accompanying map with these instructions is a suggested route and the location of the stamping stations. Check your WHAT3WORDS app for your exact position.


7. Ensure your hands are clean before eating and drinking during your journey (take a small hand sanitiser with you)

Crossing and walking on roads. Always walk on pavements where possible or walk facing oncoming traffic where there is no pavement available. Be prepared to step in the hedge or onto the grass verge.

Always use road crossings if nearby and NEVER run across the road to beat oncoming traffic.

8. Canal. Be extremely careful if walking beside the canal. Beware of narrow paths, muddy paths, overhead branches and brambles. 

9. Livestock. Beware of livestock in fields. Give wild animals, livestock and horses plenty of space. Their behaviour can be unpredictable, especially when they are with their young and you could get hurt. Keep an eye on them whilst crossing the field. Check your escape route if livestock comes towards you. Do not run.

10. Dogs should always be kept on leads for the duration of the walk. Avoid dog and other animal and bird faeces. 

11. Wheelchairs and Prams. Certain sections of the route are unsuitable for wheelchairs and prams due to gates, styles, poor path conditions, limited access, canal edges etc. 

12. Change of plan. If you change your planned walk or duration, ensure you tell the person who is waiting for you at home.

Don't push yourself beyond your limits and risk turning a happy event into a nightmare.

13. Unwanted confrontation. Leave no one in your group isolated and keep personal valuables out of sight.


Enjoy the day out, chat with others on the same route or passing the other way. Take photographs and share them. Don't be afraid to turn back if the journey on one of the long sections proves a bit tough. There are plenty of shorter sections available to collect as many stamps as you can.

Lion Terry Cheesman Health and Safety Officer, Hook and Odiham Lions Club

Issued - July 2021.